Importance of Your Broker

At times it is difficult helping you find a house you and your accountant really want, that you can afford. Buying a home is both a matter of the heart and pocketbook. One really does not outweigh the other. As your real estate broker, I’ll attempt to help you find a happy balance between the two.

First, you’ll benefit from the wealth of experience I will bring to bear in successfully negotiating and closing deals in the Anacortes and San Juan Islands real estate market. I’ll help you find the house and the neighborhood that will meet your emotional and financial needs to today and tomorrow/

Next, I’ll do everything I can to take the stress out of your home buying experience. There are hundreds of details that go into each real estate transaction, let me handle those for you. And let me help you find a lender, inspector, appraiser, and all the other service providers that make for a smooth and worry-free transaction. Let my many years of real estate experience in many states of the US mainland and Hawaii, and my integrity, education and patriotism, work for you in your finding and successfully buying the home of your dreams.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a “real estate veteran”, I’m ready and happy to answer all your questions about the Anacortes market and the home-buying experience. You’ll get honest and quick answers, just ask.

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